• Lumps & Bumps Removal
  • Skin Tag Removal

Treatment Overview

We are able to remove many different types of lesions from your skin. For example, some of our patients may experience a chalazion, a chronic stye on their upper or lower eyelid. If one of the eyelids’ oil-secreting glands is blocked, a pea-sized enlargement on the eyelid can result. If you have small benign lumps or fatty deposits on your skin, Dr. Baker can provide you with relief through a minor surgical procedure. As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Baker provides the most aesthetically pleasing outcome possible.

How It Works

Dr. Baker can surgically remove these lesions by making a small incision on the eyelid to remove the lump and clear the blockage. The removal process of this type of lesion is usually quick, often taking less than 5 minutes with a local anesthetic.

Recovery Time

Depending on the severity of the lesion, your recovery time should be fairly quick and relatively painless. You may be required to wear an eye patch for a few hours after the procedure; sutures are not normally required and pain is minimal to nonexistent.


Surgical excision is an effective solution to many small benign lumps and fatty deposits. Surgical removal often has a much higher success rate in treating chronic lesions versus alternative topical approaches.

Additional Information

As we age, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in benign lesions on our skin, such as skin tags, benign eyelid lesions, and other non-cancerous lumps and bumps. An effective method of removing these lesions is through surgical excision. Some of our patients come to us to resolve their current chalazion (chronic stye) or xanthelasmas (cholesterol deposits under the surface of their skin.)