• Hair Removal
  • Chin Hair Removal
  • Upper Lip Hair Removal

Treatment Overview

At the Baker Rejuvenation Centre, we use the Sciton BBL (IPL) laser hair removal system and the Fotona ND Yag hair removal system for a variety of skin types. Effective laser hair removal depends on the skill and experience of the clinician as well as the technology being used, so we’ve invested time and energy into perfecting the experience for you.

How It Works

This laser treatment selectively heats the root of the hair follicle without heating the surrounding skin. After thoroughly cleaning the area to be treated, we will place the handheld sapphire against your skin and the pulse of light is then emitted.

Recovery Time

Many of our clients don’t experience any side effects, or the effects are very minimal. The sensation of the light pulse is comparable to a hot elastic band snap. A topical anesthetic may be applied prior to treatment for your comfort, but this is usually unnecessary. You may apply makeup immediately following your treatment, and if you do experience any redness or swelling it should be gone in a few days. Ice or cooling packs can be used to relieve unwanted sensations in the treated areas.


Laser hair removal works best on brown or black hair colors. Typically, our patients require five to eight sessions to achieve the desired hair reduction. Each session should be scheduled three to four weeks apart for facial hair, and eight to twelve weeks apart for body hair, to ensure the hair follicles are treated during their growth stage and not their resting period.

Additional Information

Why wax or bleach when you can use the power of light to remove unwanted facial or body hair? At the Baker Rejuvenation Centre, we use the Lumenis One technology to selectively heat the roots of your hair follicles, halting hair growth without heating the surrounding skin. A typical treatment on your chin or upper lip can be done in as little as ten minutes, so you can schedule it over your lunch break and be back to work before anyone notices you were gone.