• Chin Fat
  • Weak Jawline

Treatment Overview

Belkyra is a safe and effective injectable treatment used to improve the appearance and profile of fat below the chin. In a series of injections, submental fullness – also known as the “double chin” – is noticeably reduced. We also have a number of combination therapies to help address your skin goals. Our team will work with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for Belkyra and to create a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals.

How It Works

Synthetic deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Belkyra. Naturally found in the body, deoxycholic acid assists in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. During each treatment, which lasts between 15 to 20 minutes, Belkyra is injected in small doses under the chin to eliminate fat cells and reduce the chin’s profile. A typical treatment plan is usually six months in duration with treatments scheduled at least one month apart.

Belkyra is often used as a secondary treatment after Botox and/or CoolSculpting. Botox may be performed first to soften underlying muscles that can create a fuller looking neck while CoolSculpting is performed as a method of bulk reduction of fat below the chin.

Recovery Time

Moderate swelling, bruising and numbness may temporarily occur following each treatment but will resolve completely. Strenuous activity is not recommended immediately following a Belkyra treatment. Our team will inform you of all recovery recommendations during your consultation.


You will begin to see results in one to four treatments. After Belkyra effectively eliminates fat cells, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. More often than not, additional treatments are not required once the prescribed treatment plan has been completed.

Additional Information

Submental fullness, or “”double chin”, can occur in adult women and men as a result of weight gain, genetics or aging. Belkyra is an ideal treatment for those looking for an alternative to surgery as an effective double-chin reduction method. Belkyra is Health Canada approved and safe for clinical cosmetic use. Skin tightening is often observed after Belkyra treatments in some individuals. This is due to stimulation of the fibroblasts which occurs following post-treatment swelling.