• Eyelid Enhancement
  • Double Upper Eyelid

Treatment Overview

Asian blepharoplasty reshapes the skin around the eye, adding a crease to the upper eyelid. About 50% of Asians are born with a single eyelid, and rely on Asian blepharoplasty as a surgical solution to permanently provide them with a double eyelid. Dr. Baker will discuss the procedure with you to determine the best choice for your individual needs.

How It Works

Dr. Baker will add a pretarsal crease by suturing the skin on your eyelid to bring it to the appropriate height. The procedure length is about 60-90 minutes, with a local anesthetic and mild sedation.

Recovery Time

The swelling and bruising you will experience with this procedure typically resolves after 1-2 weeks for most patients, with a complete recovery after three months. During your recovery period, you may notice deeper creases within your upper eyelids, and the crease may appear too high. This will resolve itself after a few months.


By adding a crease to your eyes, or enhancing the one you currently have, you should find that your eyes don’t look as puffy, and it’s easier to apply eye makeup without smudging. Many patients choose this procedure to obtain a more aesthetically pleasing eyelid crease.


before photo


after photo

Additional information

One of the most commonly requested aesthetic procedures in Asian countries is the Double Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. This is a surgical technique that reshapes some of the anatomical differences found in the Asian upper eyelid to provide a more prominent crease within the eyelid. This procedure can enhance eyelids with a partial crease or a crease that is camouflaged by excess skin. A double upper eyelid may be developed in those without a crease. Asian Blepharoplasty is used to create a double eyelid crease by reshaping skin and tissues in the upper eyelid.