About Us

At the Baker Rejuvenation Centre, our goal is to ensure that your experience is exceptional from the moment you walk through our doors. We have a state of the art facility that provides a relaxed and comfortable environment, and we have a team of professionals, led by Dr. Stephen Baker, that includes a Ph.D. medical scientist, registered nurses, ophthalmic technicians, and helpful, friendly medical office assistants. We are available to answer your questions about our cosmetic and medical services, as well as provide you with education and recommendations regarding the best options available for you.

Our Philosophy

We are here to help you attain the youthful look you desire. Our goal is to provide results that go beyond your expectations while ensuring all of your needs are well taken care of. We have chosen to run our clinic to match our personal ethical standards, and we will provide you with an extensive consultation to educate you about the entire process, and help you understand all of the risks and benefits of your treatment choices.

We believe in our responsibility to the environment, and we choose 100% carbon neutral products where possible, and we’re constantly looking for ways to recycle or reduce waste within the clinic. Our number one priority is to help you feel good and confident about yourself, inside and out.

Our Community

We are dedicated supporters of local community initiatives, with the Power to Be Adventure Therapy being our primary focus. We believe that by providing a hand up to those in need in our community, we can provide opportunities that will help us all grow together. The Power to Be Adventure Therapy resonates with our core beliefs, and we actively support them in their endeavours.